In anti co., LTD., established in ningde residents1995Years,The company is located in ningde city Manila north sichuan road27The east garden1Building1104Room,The registered capital1060Wan,Business scope includes:Building intelligence engineering、Security technology to prevent system engineering、The design of the information network project、The construction、Maintenance services。Software development,Information technology services。Security equipment、Fire fighting equipment、Electronic equipment、Labor insurance supplies sales。Company brings together a group of skilled security core technology and rich experience in the field of professional talents,Business has been widely services in government、The bank、The school、Telecom、The hospital、Its power supply、Datang power plant、Nuclear power plants、Safe city, etc。Is also the mindong regional enterprise engaged in the work of security technology to prevent system at the earliest;Department of fujian province, security technology to guard against industry association member units;Ningde city security technology to guard against industry association, standing director unit。The company to go throughISO9001Quality certification,And gains《Security engineering enterprise qualification certificate》、《Intelligent building qualification certificate》、《Information system integration and service qualification level boss》...More and more
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