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Lightning protection and disaster mitigation to ensure the safety of people's life and property and the public。The service hotline:0898-66508199

  Hainan new protect lightning protection engineering co., LTD. Is a collection of lightning protection technology research、Lightning detection、Lightning protection engineering design and construction、Security monitoring engineering design and construction、Intelligent building construction、Building hydropower construction in the integration of high-tech companies。In the relevant departments under the supervision,Committed to providing customers with professional security protection、Intelligent building、Water and electricity technology and other high quality products and engineering services。
  Company with qualification of lightning detection, lightning protection engineering design and construction of qualification,And has more than engineers and weak electrical engineer on lightning protection professional certificate,Hire and famous famous lightning protection expert at the university of weather system、Senior electrical engineer to do technical adviser,Accurately grasp the lightning protection at home and abroad、Electric advanced technology,Grounding and electric technology and technical research,In the lightning detection、The engineering design、Engineering construction and so on has the rich experience。For both large enterprises successfully、Buildings in agencies and institutions、Computer network、Communication system、Automation equipment、The power supply system、Monitoring fire electronic equipment provides the lightning detection and protection,For the traffic、Electric power、Energy、Communication、Industry、Military and other industries and systems to provide solutions and supporting equipment。And for the engineering quality and reliable、High cost performance、Effectively、Backup service perfect highly evaluated by the client,Won the industry a wide range of trust。
        We insist on"Safety production,Service first"The operation and development of philosophy,To remain"Professional dedication,Specification,The good faith,The collaboration,Merit"The enterprise core values,Take honestly as this,The letter shall prevail,Would like to provide the best products,The best quality service to repay every old and new customers!

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