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  • Rich road·Le
    2.85M body,Large space design。Ac motor was strong,Range is up to120Km。Life is a journey,
    Rich road·The guests
    The first meeting,Meet jing。Exquisite fashion and beautiful,Small mini streamline model,Security firm car act the role of an organic whole。More fashion more love,The United States
    Rich road·A new way
    Hybrid system with rich road,Range500Km is common electric vehicles at low speed5Times,As far as you want to run run far!
    Rich road·Garrett
    Pick upBMSResistance attenuation battery management system,Battery warranty period30Months,Is common electric vehicles at low speed3Times AdoptedE-CAR
    Rich road·Q7
    AdoptedSUVDynamic modelling design,Double lens headlight、Taillight fashion,Interior solid wood texture、7Inch hd smart meters、Luxury electric